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The Incredible Hulk



Thursday, June 12

Driver 3



Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six


Army Ranger Mogadishu


Elite Warriors: Vietnam


Capoeira Fighter 3


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Fifa 2003


Wednesday, June 11

Conflict Global Storm



Rainbow Six Lockdown



Saturday, May 17

Base Jumping

Feature list:

- This game was maded in collaboration with Valery Rozov, well-known Russian base-jumper.

- BASE-jumping simulator. This game is entirely devoted to the most fascinating of extreme sports - BASE-jumping. Specially developed physics reflect the subtleties of this process: freefall, acrobatics, parachute flight, landing, wind and turbulence.

- Acrobatics. Freefall lasts only a dozen seconds, but once you get used to the gameplay you will understand that it's ample time to pull off some mad tricks.

- Real geographical locations. A real-life replica is placed in each of the game's jumping sites. The majority of these sites are well-known both among BASE jumpers and to the general public.

- Camera effects. Various effects (both animation "slo-mo" and "shaking", as well as graphic "motion blur" and "depth of field") are implemented to reproduce the entire range of sensations of a BASE jump.

- BASE Gear. The game allows you to test-jump dozens of real-world types of gear specifically developed for BASE jumping.

- Virtues and skills. Each successful jump increases your character's experience. As time goes by, your character can acquire new aerobatic skills.



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Cartoon Yourself
Awesome YouTube Video
Best Kill on Halo 3 Wins

Iron Storm


Blurring the line between reality and fiction, Iron Storm combines WW I basics like trenches, mines, grenades and gas warfare with more modern elements from the Second World War like radar, automatic weapons, tanks, flamethrowers and snipers and then adds technology inspired by modern-day warfare like helicopters, lasers, electronics and more!Undertake infiltration missions and use sharpened combat skills as well as stealth to penetrate behind enemy lines in either first- or third-person views.

Hardware Requirements

Pentium III 500, 128 MB RAM

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Lula 3D

She's sexy, sassy, and ready to take on the baddest of America's bad boys! She's Lula, the curvaceous producer of erotic movies, and she is in a serious fix. Just before shooting begins on her new film, three of her best bosom stars are kidnapped. The only clue to the culprits are the tapes recorded by security cameras on her luxurious estate in Beverly Hills, which show masked characters sneaking through the park. A black delivery van had been parked close to the wall. By chance, she comes across a book of matches from an ominous San Francisco club in her villa - it must have been dropped by one of the kidnappers.

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Neverwinter Nights platinum



Neverwinter Nights (NWN) is a computer game set in a huge medieval fantasy world of Dungeons and Dragons. This role-playing game (RPG) puts you at the center of an epic tale of faith, war, and betrayal.

As a player, you are able to choose what skills and abilities you will develop as you voyage though the complex and dangerous fantasy world of Forgotten Realms. Be a deadly and dangerous Rogue moving through the shadows using stealth and secrecy, be a scholarly Wizard and wield powerful magic against your enemies, be a hulking Barbarian whose lust for battle is matched only by his terrible rage, be an armor-clad Paladin who protects the innocent and vanquishes his foes, be a crusading Cleric who heals the sick and defends the helpless… be all this and more.

Neverwinter Nights allows you to create your own worlds. This revolutionary game will come with all the tools needed to construct your own unique lands of adventure. The Neverwinter Nights Aurora Toolset allows even novice users to construct everything from a quiet, misty forest or a dripping cavern of foul evil, to a king’s court. All the monsters, items, set pieces and settings are there for world builders to use. But do not stop there; construct traps, encounters, custom monsters and magic items to make your adventure unique.

But the Neverwinter experience is not just for one person- adventure with all your friends. Neverwinter Nights can be played online with up to 64 friends, all sharing in the adventure. You can organize and run your own adventures through the role of the Dungeon Master and control all the monsters, creatures and characters your friends meet as they journey on their quest. A powerful piece of software that is included with Neverwinter Nights, the DM Client, allows nearly unlimited control for running your own adventures for your friends.

Neverwinter Nights…endless adventure!

Hardware Requirements

  • Windows XP, Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or Athlon XP 2000 or equivalent
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 5.5 GB hard disk space
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • GeForce 6600 or Radeon 9700 Pro graphics card with PS 2.0 or better

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Friday, May 16

Enter The Matrix


Merciless Agents stalk your every move. You defy gravity and break all the rules. How far down does the rabbit hole go? Are you ready to find out? Are you ready to Enter the Matrix? Enter the Matrix is the story-within-the-story. It features awesome gunplay and spectacular martial arts that bend the rules of the Matrix, as well as insane driving and stunts, and the chance to pilot the fastest hovercraft in the fleet. This game isn’t just set in the Matrix universe – it’s an integral part of the entire Matrix experience, weaving in and out of the highly anticipated 2nd installment in the film trilogy, The Matrix Reloaded ™. Enter the Matrix was developed under the creative direction of the Matrix filmmakers Larry and Andy Wachowski. The unprecedented level of collaboration between Hollywood’s hottest filmmakers and the award-winning Shiny Entertainment team promises to make Enter the Matrix a truly unique gaming experience.

Hardware Requirements

Windows 98/2000/XP ; Processor: Pentium III 600 MHz or Higher ; Video Card: 3D Video Card ; Hard Drive: 4.7 GB HD; CD-ROM: 4x or Faster ; RAM: 128 MB RAM ; Recommended; Processor: Pentium III 800 MHz or Higher ; Video Card: 64 MB 3D Video Card; RAM: 256 MB RAM;
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The Matrix: Path of Neo


THE MATRIX: PATH OF NEO will follow the story of the blockbuster motion picture trilogy THE MATRIX, THE MATRIX RELOADED and THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS and for the first time allow gamers to play as “Neo” and become “The One.” A game of blockbuster caliber, Shiny also worked closely with the Award winning talent behind the Matrix trilogy to ensure that every aspect in design, sound and special effects would be authentic to the original experience.

Gamers will play as “Neo,” but from the moment the game begins, how the situations play out, how they handle them, how they deal with the events, where they go, how people react to them -- it's all up to the gamer. They may win where “Neo” failed or find another way to solve the problem -- the path is now theirs to follow.

As “Neo,” the choices the player makes to resolve each scenario and the resulting consequences may have a different result than the original films. Alternative scenarios filled with new characters, content and storylines have all been written and planned by the Wachowski Brothers to expand the Matrix universe and overall gaming experience.

Hardware Requirements

1.8Ghz CPU; 512 MB RAM
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Thursday, May 15

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Informacion de el juego:
Number of Players: 1-4
Number of Online Players: 4 Online
DirectX Version: v9.0c
Operating System: Windows 2000/XP
Requisitos Minimos
System: Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or equivalent
RAM: 512 MB
Video Memory: 128 MB
Hard Drive Space: 8000 MB ]
Informacion de el RIP:
Peso: 917 mbs
Peso descomprimido: 9.20 mb
Peso instalado: 3 gigas aprox
Que se le RIPEO?: Peliculas, Musica, Speech y algunas imagenes de bonus
Links de descarga:
pass: peke23c

Monday, April 21

Turning Point Fall of Liberty


Turning Point: Fall of Liberty is set in 1953 in the midst of an alternate reality where Nazi forces win World War II and opens as the Third Reich launches a decimating attack on New York. Nazi battleships quickly take the harbor, monstrous Zeppelins fill the skies, jet aircraft execute bombing runs and, as armed paratroopers descend on to the streets, the city is taken block by block. With New York falling to pieces, and Washington D.C. in enemy sights, it's time to fight afresh in a new battleground.
Turning Point: Fall of Liberty will deliver an explosive F.P.S. experience in a world where famous locations and landmarks appear startlingly different under Nazi occupation. Turning Point: Fall of Liberty also presents a very personal battle for players. As Dan Carson - a reluctant New York City construction worker turned freedom fighter - gamers must survive the initial invasion before regrouping with other resistance members to take the fight back to the Nazis. Always outmanned and outgunned, players must use guerrilla tactics as they attempt to stop the world's most notorious war machine.
Windows XP or Vista
2.8ghz Processor
6 GB Free Hard Disc Space
Supported Graphics cards
Nvidia Geforce 6600 or Ati X1300 or above with Shader 3 support
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Silent Storm


Silent Storm is a true 3D game combining turn-based tactical combat and role-playing set against the background of the World War II. As the war rages on, players will lead a squad of elite troopers deep behind enemy lines; they will perform secret missions and prevent a disaster the scale of which could only be fully appreciated by the involved parties. Players select their mercenaries from a pool of more than 40 elite soldiers of 30 different nationalities. They equip their squad with over 75 authentic WWII weapons ranging from commando daggers to hand-held rocket launchers, including experimental and rare models. They’ll also need to assess the troopers' skills adequately before they embark on a mission since they can only take five of them. The objective is sabotage with no holds barred.

Hardware Requirements

Win 98/ME/2000/XP, DirectX 9.0 or higher, 600 MHz CPU, 128 MB RAM, 16X CD-ROM, AGP 3D accelerator, 2 GB hard drive space, 32 MB onboard video RAM (nVidia GeForce2MX compatible or better), and windows compatible sound card
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UnSplit With Advance Split Machine (download)

Sunday, April 20

Juiced 2 Hot Import Nights


Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights (HIN) evolves the current street racing scene, letting players experience the culture of the real-life HIN tour, the nation’s largest lifestyle custom car show in an intense racing experience. Featuring track and drift racing at real-world locations around the globe, next-gen AI and unparalleled vehicle customization, Juiced 2: HIN brings street racing to life, allowing players to test their skills at live street racing events against a back-drop of DJs, models and musicians. Groundbreaking new features include addictive drift/powersliding races and “Driver DNA” that tracks gamers’ personal driving traits. These profiles, along with the profiles of select celebrities will be available for download across all online gaming systems. Racing developer Juice Games has evolved the game-play that revolutionized online racing, giving players the power to create their car, assemble their crew and put it all on the line in intense pink slip and crew races. Gamers will also be able to bet cash on each event, bringing a gambling element to the game that greatly increases the importance of each race.
Microsoft® Windows® XP (Service Pack 2) / Microsoft® Windows® Vista
Processor type : Intel Core2 Duo E6700 / AMD 64 X2 6000+
2.0 GB RAM
6 GB available hard drive space
512 MB DirectX® 9.0c compatible card / nVIDIA® GeForce™ 8800 / ATI Radeon® HD2900
DirectX® 9.0 compatible sound card
>=512kbps Internet connection with low latency Cable/DSL/T1+ speeds for multiplayer
Keyboard, Mouse, Microsoft 360 compatible controller

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Hellgate - London


Minimum system requirements:
· OS: Windows xp With SP2 Or Windows vista
· CPU: 1.8 gHz or faster (2.4 gHz for Vista)
· RAM: 1 GB (2GB for Vista) or more
· Hard Drive: 7.0 gb or more free space
· Video Device: Directx 9..0ch/y0 compatible
· Sound: DirectX 9..0ch/y0 compatible

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Gears of War


Gears of War, a Game for Windows title, features the amazing tactical action and multiplayer excitement found in the critically acclaimed Gears of War for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system that sold more than 3.5 million units, and a variety of all-new content, including three new multiplayer maps, a new multiplayer game type, Game Editor, five new campaign chapters and DirectX 10 support.

Gears of War thrusts gamers into a deep and harrowing story of humankind’s epic battle for survival against the Locust Horde, a nightmarish race of creatures that surface from the bowels of the planet.

With Gears of War, Epic Games returns gamers to the massively scoped worlds, memorable characters, cooperative gameplay and hyper-realistic combat that gamers have come to expect from the franchise, plus a few new surprises.


Frag-filled new content. “Gears of War” will feature locations that are unique to the franchise and the genre. Players will encounter all their favorite foes from the Xbox 360 version; however, these intense encounters will take place in some new environments and allow players to manipulate the new game modes and technology found only in the Games for Windows title. Boasting three new multiplayer maps, a new multiplayer game type, Game Editor, five new campaign chapters and DirectX 10 support, “Gears of War,” will challenge and push the limits of the PC gaming experience and provide an unparalleled visual presentation.

Engaging and disturbing cinematic story. Movie-like cut scenes, cinematic camera moves and in-game storytelling bring the brutal, emotionally charged narrative to life. Gamers control Marcus Fenix and his fire team as they pit advanced technology against the overwhelming and horrific Locust Horde.

Unmatched online gaming. “Gears of War” will tap into the power of Games for Windows — LIVE to deliver online matchmaking for its Gold account members. The service will enable gamers around the world to connect via their PCs, allowing players to experience individualized matchmaking, view player statistics, earn player Achievements, customize games and create personalized profiles.

New Game Editor. The game will also feature the all-new Game Editor, guaranteeing new user-generated content in the future. The “Gears of War” community will be able to tap its endless creative potential to develop an unlimited number of user-created levels through complete access to the Unreal Editor. Using the new engine, players can now import custom artwork into the engine, create particle systems, scripted encounters, cinematics and more.

Astounding visuals in next-generation gaming. “Gears of War” ushers in the next generation with incredible visuals, pushing DirectX 10 visual designs and bringing out the smallest details in the largest battle. Gamers experience a rich, dynamic world with a supreme level of detail. Characters come to life with unbelievable model quality and a physics-integrated animation system that has them truly reacting intelligently to events unfolding around them.

Hyper-realistic and intense combat. In “Gears of War” the battlefield is a lethal place — to foolishly stand out in the open is to invite an untimely demise. To survive, gamers must employ strategy, take cover using the interactive and dynamic environments, and suppress the enemy with blind fire, using their weapons and teammates to outwit and outfight their terrifying enemies.

Min System Requirements:

  • Windows Vista or Windows XP

  • 2.4+ GHz Intel or 2.0+ GHz AMD Processor

  • 1GB of RAM

  • 12GB free hard drive space

  • NVIDIA GeForce 6600+ or ATI X700+ video card

  • some bugs on vista but try again and again . and working fine on xp

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    Broken Sword: The Angel of Death

    Known as Secrets of the Ark and published by THQ internationally

    Be enthralled, challenged and drawn into a dark world of conspiracy theories, daring adventure and ancient societies as you unearth the blueprints to the World’s most ancient weapon hidden within the lost Ark. After reluctantly battling dragons, Mayan gods and becoming a Knight of a long lost Holy Order, unwitting hero George Stobbart settles down to the life of a mundane 9-5 desk job. Who would have thought that a mysterious and beautiful woman would enter his life; a woman whose sudden disappearance draws him into a desperate search for a nefarious artifact of great and terrible power known as ‘The Angel of Death’ – its primitive blueprints hidden inside the Ark of the Covenant.

    Moses was the last to unleash this deadly weapon on the ancient Egyptians during the Exodus with terrifying effect – it was the most horrific of the Great Plagues. Uncannily, it seemed to be able to kill selectively, leaving the Israelites unharmed. Later, when the Ark was stolen from the Israelites, the killing recommenced and continued until the Ark, along with the secrets of Moses’ awesome weapon, was lost…


    • Built upon an entirely new engine, Secrets of the Ark promises a greater level of detail and realism to characters and game world
    • Cutting-edge proprietary Virtual Actor System enables the player to read character emotions and develop close relationships with the heroes and diverse cast of characters
    • Hollywood style globe-trotting featuring extremely rich and varied environments from around the world for players to explore
    • Challenging but logical puzzles
    • Intriguing and gripping story based on a mixture of fact, fiction and conspiracy theory
    • Authentic ancient artifacts and historical references blur the boundary between fact and fiction

    Hardware Requirements

    • OS: Windows® XP
    • CPU: 1.4 GHz Pentium® 4 Processor
    • RAM: 256 MB
    • Disk Space: 2.6 GB Available
    • CD/DVD-ROM: 16x
    • DirectX®: Version 9.0c Required (Included)
    • Video Card: 128 MB Shader Model 1.1 Compatible Video Card
    • Sound: Windows® Compatible Sound Card
    • Input: Keyboard, Mouse
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    part1 .... part2


    part1 ... part2

    Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales RIP


    Age of Pirates Caribbean Tales plays out in several different ways. There are several different game elements both on land and sea.
    1) Sailing on the map: time is sped up to compensate for the travel around the map; as you sail around several of the Caribbean islands you can choose to enter ports, attack ships or sail through storms.
    2) Sailing in real time: on the sea is where the sea battles take place, as well as real-time sailing; also sailing through storms takes place in real time.
    3) On foot: there are many different things you can do on foot; a few of these are fighting in boarding actions, fighting a captain one-on-one, and walking around town gathering sailors and supplies.
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    Tuesday, October 16

    Lord Of The Rings:The Barrle For The Middle Earth 2


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